Compressed Air-mixer B 6-D

Technical Data:

  • Mains supply: compressed-air, maximum 6 bar
  • Compressed air driven: approx. 0,65 kW
  • Drive shaft speed: 0 to approx. 890 rpm.
  • Air consumption: approx. 220 l/min.

Required interior diameter of house 9mm
Centre distance between drive shafts: 50 mm
Total weight of mixer with mixing tools: approx. 5,7 kg

Mixing Tools:
Diameter of the set of two mixing tools when mounted: 130 mm
Length of mixing tools including coupling: 500 mm
Mixing tools available: 6-FS2, mild steel and 6-FS2, stainless steel


To be used to: waste sludge, battery compounds, sealing compounds, disposal and recycling of ores, screed, ashes and expanded clay, paints, refractory compounds, filter dusts, tile cements, liquid plastics, foundry sand, fibrous concrete, glass compositions...

Technical data:Compressed Air-mixer B 6-D

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