Compressed Air-mixer B 77-DH

The compressed-air powered B 77-DH portable mixer operates in much the same way as the other beba portable mixers with the self-contained drive, but generates considerably more power, i.e. 1.4 kW, as well as providing a stepless adjustment facility for the mixing tools ranging from approx. 80 to 180 rpm and regulated via a lever valve in the handle on the side where the motor is located.

This type of mixer is preferable when mixing is to be carried out in areas of high explosion risk, and/or when the medium being mixed is such that a mixer of particularly high output is needed.

All commercially available standard-size plastic tubs are suitable for use with this mixer. Our standard mixing containers, reinforced with a metal ring, made of highly resistant high-pressure polyethylene, and having a capacity of 100 liters, has however, proved to give best results in practice.

If the mixer is to be used together with our B 80-D stand (B 80 stand with compressed-air limit switch), it can alternatively be supplied complete with a rotary valve instead of the lever valve. The model designation for this version is B 77-D.

To be used to: waste sludge, battery compounds, sealing compounds, disposal and recycling of ores, screed, ashes and expanded clay, paints, refractory compounds, filter dusts, tile cements, liquid plastics, foundry sand, fibrous concrete, glass compositions...

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