Dissolvermixer B 60-D

The B-60 D dissolver mixer mixes fast (within 1-2 minutes) and lump-free low-viscosity material (disperse). Material may be easily added through the protective grate into the mixer drum. A bag opener is attached at the protective grate. It can be easily added mixing material during the mixing operation. The mixing drum being accessible allows the mixing process to be watched. The emptying of the mixer drum is via a perfect cock, making it ideal dose. The compact and sturdy steel construction give the mixer a solid and secure standing. The dissolverspeed of 411/823 rpm ​​using a dissolver disc is ideal for liquid, low viscosity material, such as grout for cement-based dispersant such as on ECC-based etc.

Technical data B-60 D dissolver mixer

  • maintenance-free gear
  • highest safety standard
  • height adjustable
  • 90 l capacity mixing drum
  • Mixing volume about 50 liters or 90 kg, depending on material consistency
  • Emptying bottom discharge with perfection cock
  • Dissolver as mixing tool
  • three-phase geared motor 400 V maintenance-free
  • Pole-changing motor speed 411/823 rpm
  • Electrical motor protection switch for 2 speeds, 16 Amp. Execution
  • mobile, two solid rubber wheels
  • height adjustable with 4 adjustable feet
  • Security protective grating, dust cover, switch-off when the protective grid open
  • CE-conform
  • Dimensions: L 750 mm x W 600 mm x H 1030 mm, weight 90 kg

Ideal for: cement-based grout, dispersion and much more on ECC-based, flowable cement mortars, grouts

Technical data: Dissolvermixer B 60-D

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