Industrial food mixer B 500-L

Effective volume: 300 liters
Total volume: 500 liters
Electric motor: 4 KW and 5,5 KW three phase

Our Pan Mixer for Food Industry are made complete in stainless steel. Beba-four-arms mixing technique assures intensive mixing within short time. The mixer arms are spring-cushioned to guarantee a exactly mixing process.

All mixers are equipped with a powerful drive system. There is no maintenance required. A long life assures, because high quality materials have gone into construction. A reversing motor-protection switch with plug box 16 A/32 A and preselector of sense of rotation. Closed frame to protect motor and gear from splashed water when cleaned with a high pressure jet.

Our exactly four-arms-mixing system guaranteed a rapid and clean evacuation. The segmental discharge slide on drum bottom allows dosing of mix discharge. Optional we offer a waterproof version as segmental discharge. The protective cover of the drum with bag opener is hinged and equipped with automatic switch-off device.

To be used to: Chocolate, mayonnaise, salad, sauce, dressing, baby food, aroma-pastes, bake-aroma, tomato sauce, jelly, isodrinks, caramel, salve, cream, tooth paste, shower gel…

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