Laboratory mixer B 30

Our B 30 laboratory mixer is appropriate for the laboratory range and for the construction-site. A sturdy structural steelwork provides an extended life span in a hard construction-site setting. The mixer is equipped with 2 driving motors - a rotation plate engine, which moves the mixing container around on ist own axle, and a mixing unit for the mixing tools.

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After de-activating the lock, the mixing tools lift themselves automatically from the container. The mixer is then switched off automatically. The complete mixing head can be laterally swung-out (90 °) for free access to the mixing container. The mixing container is firmly locked on the rotation plate. The mixer is mobile with extendable drawbar for easy transport.

A scraper works along the container wall during the mixing process to eliminate unblended edge zones. The spring-bearing provides an extremely careful treatment of the mixing container.

The mixing tools are equipped with quickcouplers, allowing for very fast replacement of the mixing tools. A time switch clock with changeable number sheet (0-10 min or 0-50 min) provides for exact, continuous high quality mixing.

To be used to: waste sludge, battery compounds, sealing compounds, disposal and recycling of ores, screed, ashes and expanded clay, paints, refractory compounds, filter dusts, tile cements, liquid plastics, foundry sand, fibrous concrete, glass compositions...

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