Portable mixer B 7

Our B 7 portable mixer, the bestseller in this range, is very simular in construction to the B 6. The 10:1 standard reduction gear allows the mixing of materials with the highest grade of viscosity.

Furthermore a 7:1 or 6:1 reduction gear is available for mixing materials requiering it creased mixing speeds. The B 7 (B 75 the same, but with standard-motor) is driven by a drill drive with a standard size 43 mm diameter neck.

The casting gear has great durability and a reliability. The reduction gear protects the drill (overloading) in the same way as the 10:1 ratio.

The two counter-rotating mixing tools force the mixing medium through the stirrers. This mode of operation ensures a perfect mixing process. The special design of mixing tools causes that 2/3 of the mixing material to be driven upwards and 1/3 to be driven downwards. Therefore we have a splash free mixing process. The beba mixing process allows for effortless handling.

To be used to: waste sludge, battery compounds, sealing compounds, disposal and recycling of ores, screed, ashes and expanded clay, paints, refractory compounds, filter dusts, tile cements, liquid plastics, foundry sand, fibrous concrete, glas

Technical data: Portable mixer B 7

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