B 30 Vacuummixer

Our vacuum mixers are suitable for mixing and ventilation of very viscous materials. By moving the mixing tools in opposite directions, an intensive mixing/kneading effect is achieved. The mixer optimally homogenizes granular, viscous or pasty materials.

Both mixing tools and the rotating drive are powered by one single motor. The rotating drive causes the mixing tools section to circulate around the container, in addition to the rotation of the mixing tools themselves.

The mixing tools are spaced in such a way that all areas of the mixing medium are thoroughly mixed. In addition, a scraper attachment ensures that no material will stick to the container walls. The pressure is controlled either by a mechanical ball valve or an electrical valve.

To be used to: Castables, polymer concrete, reactive resins, soldering pastes, putties, paints, adhesives, oils, cleansers, creams, syrups, shampoos, toothpaste, mayonnaise, sauces, fruit concentrates, and more.

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