Mixers of the BM series

Patented and unique all over: The mixers of the BM series are based on a completely new and dynamic oscillation process. The gas and the medium are homogenised here by oscillating movements of the mixer head and the inertia of the mixture.


  • The oscillating mixer head comes in different versions, always with respect to the actual requirement of the user, the product to be used and the required quantity.
  • The mixer heads can be extended with different mixer elements variably. The offer ranges from simple mixer elements with bushings to laser-cut disks with specially developed cross-sections.
  • Powder, fibres and entire fixed parts can be aerated together with the product.

Along with the known advantages of the variability, the other advantages of the system are:

  • No mechanical mixing head gasket
  • Gentle feeding thanks to low shear force
  • Dispensing additives is possible directly into the mixer head.
  • Aeration of products with powders, fibres or lumpy parts
  • Up to 70% energy saving compared to conventional systems in the market plus longer service life
  • Automatic cleaning system for suction and pressure line- optional
  • No need of maintenance for all relevant components


Compared to the systems sold to date, the performance range has been significantly expanded.
Besides the known mixer in a standard mixing head design and a capacity up to 1200 kg / h, there is this mixer also in the double-headed version with up to 4000 kg / h performance available.
As before, all you need for the function of the mixer components are on a frame. Particularities:

  • The stainless steel frame has around lockable covers, also made of stainless steel.
  • The frame consists of adjustable feet.
  • The mixer can be easily moved with a lifting device.
  • The switch cabinet is assembled vibration-free on the same frame.
  • The electrical plug-in connections between the switch cabinet and the mixer head drive give a special option of using one control for different mixer heads and applications
  • The control panel is now in a separate stainless steel box, which can be rotated to the position of the user.
  • The product pumps and flow measurement systems are outside attached to the frame and thus easy to maintain.
  • All known options are selectable for both models.