Overview of Non Food-Mixer

Please take your pick from the Non Food Mixers from the house of beba Mischtechnik:

Foam mixer

Simple is often the toughest - especially when it is obtaining the right amount of foam of the highest quality. Our foam mixers are impressive with their innovative, dynamic mixing procedure and high efficacy. Pure progress.

Non Food Mixer:

    • Patented and unique all over: A completely new and dynamic oscillation process is used in our BM series mixers.
    • With the Rotor-Stator-System, beba Mischtechnik now also shows a product range that has the oscillating mixer head.

    You would like to know which test mixer is the right one for your need?

      • No problem: Our experienced team will help you select the right machine so that you can achieve great success with the planned experiments. Please contact us.